Major Misconceptions About Sex That Can Be Dangerous For All of Us!

Knowledge is power, so we all have to get aCialis coupon text with blond woman speaking sexual education. There are a lot of resources for this, but it is important to choose websites that are checked and moderated, not forums. After all, even with a great amount of information, there is also misinformation.

Take sex education seriously and say goodbye to archaic delusions! Here is a list of the most dangerous and common stereotypes about sex.

The Need to Learn from Porn

According to a survey conducted in 2015, 60% of British students use pornography for sexual education. Young people simply do not know where else to get information on the topic.

What is the problem? The fact is that porn movies are created for fun, not for studying. Their scenarios are implausible. Everything in them staged, from dialogue to orgasms. Modern pornography is the result of many shooting hours, exhausting shots, special effects, camera angles, use of Cialis and Viagra, etc. Of course, you may also use Cialis for a free trial, but do not try to repeat everything exactly as it is in porn movies.

In addition to being unrealistic, popular porn films are full of sexism, racism and discrimination, and they lack intimacy and respect. They form false ideas about the body and impractical expectations, which contribute to reduced self-esteem.

Sex Toys – Competitors of Sex

Sex toys do not replace and do not abolish sex, as some believe. Moreover, there are a lot of reasons to use them with a partner. For example, you can relieve each other of a number of tasks with the aid of some toys, and who will really refuse that in bed?

Sex Is Only About Penetration

Another stereotype is that only penetrating genital intercourse should be considered sex. An entertaining fact: there are also other options! This confusion, among other things, simply offends those who have sex outside the classic script of putting the penis in the vagina.

Sex Is Only For the Pleasure of Your Partner

Some people perceive sex exclusively asCialis coupon text with black woman holding sign a way of satisfying the other one, and not himself/herself. They do not realize that good sex is first and foremost an enjoyable sexual experience for both of them.

Understanding your body, learning what drives you crazy, and exploring pleasure is very important, and over time you may learn what feels very good for yourself. You may use aids like Canadian Cialis to deliver pleasure for a partner.

Sex Is Not About Empowerment

Mass media and marketers create a certain sexual ideal and teach us from an early age that everything about sex is obscene.

This ideal is usually very white, very heteronormative, very sexist and it simply does not correspond to what is the norm for most people. We are so used to the male view of everything sexual that those who do not identify themselves as men are quieted. They should fight for the right to be heard.

Transgender people and their concerns still lack wide coverage. This “invisibility” makes them feel defective, especially when it comes to their sexual experience. The more we talk about all sexual experiences, the more we normalize sex in principle.