What is Cialis and how many Cialis pills should I take in order to get a proper erection for sure?
Cialis is a special sexual booster drug that is used by men all over the world in order to get an erection and to make their penis more stable for participating in a sexual intercourse. When you are thinking about the proper amount of Cialis that will be suitable for you, talk to your doctor. Only your doctor will be able to tell you precisely whether you can take 20 mg Cialis or only 10 mg. Do not ever mix Cialis with other kinds of drugs, and you will avoid various kinds of problems with your health and side effects. Try not to eat junk food, and if you better your health and nutrition, you may not have ED anymore and your heart will also thank you for it.

My doctor told me that I cannot take Cialis because of my heart condition and recent stroke but I still want to take it. Can you tell me, is it possible?
You should follow all the advice that your doctor has given you. Never take Cialis in the case you recently had a stroke and especially when your doctor had told you that taking Cialis can be totally harmful to you. Please, remember that Cialis is a very special sexual booster drug that will help you in getting a great erection and making your ED disappear as soon as you take it.

Tell me how Cialis works in my system. How can I be totally sure that this drug will help me to get a great erection and it will not go away?
In case you are wondering how Cialis works then you have to remember that this med directs blood in your system right to your penis, and while this blood is trapped there your erection will not go away. All of our Cialis drugs are totally pure and that is why you will not have to worry about whether or not Cialis will help. You are more than welcome to read our reviews from grateful customers whose lives was changed by Cialis.

What can I take with Cialis? I am going to have dinner, and I have no idea whether or not Cialis can be mixed with food.
It will be better for you not to mix Cialis with food due to the reason that erection may not happen after you have eaten a very high-fat meal. Remember that as soon as you have eaten a full meal then your stomach is going to digest it for a while. As a result, your erection will be delayed and therefore you can be disappointed. We want you to take Cialis on a totally empty stomach, but you can also take it after eating a smaller meal, like a salad or drink of water. This way you will not experience hunger and your erection will be remarkable and stable.

Will Cialis get me an erection if I am going to take this pill in the evening and split it?
Actually, Cialis will get you an erection and you will become totally aroused in no time, but only under the conditions that you are not splitting this pill.